Joy Of It is an organization that is passionate about connection and collaboration. We have a diverse audience and are looking to build a network of women writers who represent the fullness of the body of Christ, in all its diversity, to our readers.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for writers who have a unique voice and share honestly about the victories and challenges they face in their day to day lives and walk of faith. Themes for the year are predetermined, but some helpful questions to consider to use as writing prompts are:

What is bubbling to the surface that you can’t help but talk about?

The things that make you laugh, cry, angry and passionate are things to pay attention to. They are most likely connected to your calling. What are those things for you?

What has been on your heart to share for the longest time?

What do you have to offer that might bring someone else a little closer to healing, wholeness and connection to Christ?

Submission guidelines

  • Please only send completed pieces for submission.
  • Posts should be between 500- 850 words (approximately).
  • Posts are due the month before publication. If you would like to be considered for the month/topic of your choosing, please have your submission in by the deadline.
  • We stand on scripture as the source of truth that anchors and secures us. We want this to be reflected in our blog, so we ask that your submitted piece is anchored to scripture truth. We recommend having at least one scripture referenced in your blog to support your writing.
  • All submissions will  go to an editor who will check for typos and meaning and possibly some additional edits if deemed necessary for readability. There will be some editing involved in the process, but your piece will be sent to you for viewing before it is published.
  • All pieces submitted should be original work and not yet published anywhere else—even on your own website or blog. We ask  all content to be new and we ask for exclusive rights to the blog for our website.
  • Please avoid any verbiage that is divisive (politics, polarizing topics and preachy tones). We stand for unity and our vision for this platform is to bring people together around Kingdom values.
  • Please be intentional about getting permission if writing about a friend or family member as an example.
  • Please give us four (4) weeks to respond to your submission. We will let you know when we have received your submission.
  • Along with your submission please list your social media handles and personal website or blog. If any of your writing has been published please include those links as well.
  • If you have been published on the Joy Of It blog, please wait at least three months before you submit again.

*DISCLAIMER: Submission does not guarantee publishing. We may not be able to use your piece for a variety of reasons.

Publishing rights

  • If you have a blog, we appreciate it if you share an excerpt from your post on the day of publication with a link to the blog, but please don’t publish the full story on your own blog.
  • All rights remain with the author of the post, but we ask you wait at least 12 months before reposting the piece on a different site.      

Headshot and bio:

  • Send us a headshot of you.
    • Please let us know if you DO NOT want your name and/or photo included- we do accept anonymous posts.
  • Please include a short bio approximately three to four sentences in length briefly telling us about yourself.
  • You may also send us links to your Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter accounts as we will tag you when publishing the piece.