Write for Joy of It

The Joy of It blog is growing and we are excited about the opportunity to feature additional voices! We now have a submission process in place for writers to submit an original piece to be considered for the blog. We have finalized our themes for the next twelve months. We anticipate that God will bring us the right women with the right words to communicate His heart at the right time.

Themes and writing guidelines are included below.

2019 Monthly Themes

January:  Renew, Re-create, Revive, Reset

February: Rekindle, Rebalance, Reconfigure, Reignite

March: Represent, Model, Exemplify

April: Relentless, Fearless, Perseverance

May: Rebuild, Repair, Restart, Build Up

June: Refine, Rebalance, Readjust, Realign

July: Refresh, Recharge, Re-energize

August: Respond, Return, Rejoin, Reply

September: Reconciliation, Restoration, Hope

October: Relationship, Connection, Friendship

November: Remain, Pause, Abide, Rest

December: Redemption, Reparation, Reclamation

Submit by:

January: December 1, 2018

February: January 1, 2019

March: February 1

April: March 1

May: April 1

June: May 1

July: June 1

August: July 1

September: August 1

October: September 1

November: October 1

December: November 1