When kids learn friendship, they learn it for life.

Early elementary years provide an opportunity to equip kids to be really good friends and have really good friends.

The goal of the Joy of It Friendzy is to teach God’s design for friendship. Grounded in biblical truth, this program addresses the various challenges that Kindergarten- 8th grade students face in their peer to peer relationships.

Childhood relationship trauma and bullying have a lasting negative impact, including depression, difficulty with relationships, and an increased likelihood of substance abuse. Equipping students with God’s design for friendship has a powerful and lasting impact on the next generation.

Let’s start a conversation that equips a generation of youth to be really good friends.

You can join the Friendzy! Monthly City-wide JOI Friendzy event or purchase JOI Friendzy Curriculum for your school or church.

“Friendships are where we learn compassion and creativity. If we want the world to flourish, we need to teach children to be really good friends.” —Julie Widman, mom and Friendzy Co-Founder