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Returning and Resting Returning & Resting

Posted by Rachel Correll on November 29, 2018 in Faith, Guest Blogger, Happiness

For most of 2017, I woke up feeling like I needed another 10 hours of sleep. Rest was elusive. Little did I know this fatigue would be the threshold of uncovering what it meant to truly rest. In essence, I am a doer. I love to refine a process. I love to create. I find […]

Jesus: My Dwelling Place

Posted by Guest Blogger on November 23, 2018 in Faith, Freedom, Guest Blogger

Abide. Wow. What a word and promise to me. The last eight months have been some of the most gut-wrenching of my life. I have watched dreams that I have dreamt since I was a little girl get ripped from my hands. After a series of events earlier this year my husband, Alex, and I […]

Be Still Be Still

Posted by Guest Blogger on November 15, 2018 in Faith, Guest Blogger

Eugene Peterson once said, “Every once in awhile, when I get tired of living by faith, I…watch the Orioles play baseball. For a couple hours I am in a world that is defined by exactly measured lines and precise, geometric patterns…” He goes on to describe a carefully controlled environment with understandable and known boundaries […]

Keeping Kinship Keeping Kinship

Posted by Guest Blogger on November 1, 2018 in Faith, Friendship, Guest Blogger, Unite, Build, Live

Our phones these days hold many clues about our lives. But the simple group text in my messages labeled BFFs tells you nothing of the foundation of love that led to its treasured existence. There are three of us closely connected, and we couldn’t tell you how exactly it happened if you asked. We didn’t […]

Friendship: Walking in Fear or Freedom Friendship: Walking in Fear or Freedom?

Posted by Guest Blogger on October 18, 2018 in Faith, Friendship, Guest Blogger

A few months ago, my family and I got rid of half of all our belongings, sold our home in California and moved to Texas. Yee haw! We left everything that was familiar and moved to start a new adventure. Everything started over from scratch, including relationships. Each day felt like the “first day of […]