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What Controls Your Heart, Controls You Whatever Controls Your Heart, Controls You

Posted by Guest Blogger on July 20, 2017 in Faith, Happiness

This week our focus has been on our hearts. That major organ pumping fuel and life to the rest of our being. It is what keeps all the rest of us functioning…it controls our body, mind and spirit, how we’re feeling physically and emotionally. If there’s something off in our hearts, it influences the rest […]

Believing is good; following is better Believing is Good. Following is Better.

Posted by Guest Blogger on July 13, 2017 in Faith, Friendship

Being a believer in Christ is good, isn’t it? It’s good to know that the Lord loves us no matter what. And isn’t it even better to know that we, as believers, get to follow in his footsteps and pass on that love? In today’s post, our friend Mary Liebert from The Verity Fellowship sheds […]

Friends Forgive Friends Forgive: Part 2

Posted by Guest Blogger on July 9, 2017 in Faith, Forgivness, Freedom

Just a few days ago, Julia Mayo with Verity Fellowship began a conversation with us on how, as Christians, we have been forgiven. Here, she picks up where we left off in the discussion on our need to forgive others. If you’re struggling to offer up forgiveness to someone who has hurt you, you’ll find […]

Friends Forgive Friends Forgive: Part 1

Posted by Guest Blogger on July 6, 2017 in Faith, Forgivness, Freedom, Friendship

This week we’ve been focusing on forgiveness. It’s not easy! It hurts to BE hurt and it hurts to CAUSE hurt. But the word forgive in Greek is “alphiemi” which literally means to send away. When we can learn to forgive, we can learn to move forward. Today our guest blogger, Julia Mayo from Verity […]

Turning Over My Lot Turning Over My Lot

Posted by Elisha Joyce on June 29, 2017 in Faith

I’m not a gardener…like, at all. I can barely keep house plants alive – or, get cut flowers to last as long as they’re supposed to. My sweet man has built raised beds for me in the last two homes we’ve owned, planted them for me, weeded them for me and set me us so […]