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Move Through the Darkness Move Through the Darkness

Posted by Connie Armerding on January 18, 2018 in Connie Armerding, Contributing Author, Faith, Hope, Prayer

Our family recently moved to a new town, and the process of finding a rental house was difficult. No house is perfect and even our group of finalists each had little drawbacks. In the end, I was most drawn to the house we’re now living in because of all its windows. There are oversized windows […]

The Power of Restoration The Power of Restoration

Posted by Connie Armerding on October 26, 2017 in Connie Armerding, Faith, Freedom, Happiness

After I graduated college and was moving into my first house with friends I didn’t own any furniture. Along with having no furniture, I also had no money. The upscale Chicago suburb I lived in had a once a year “trash day” where people put their used belongings on the side of the road to […]

The Power of Abiding The Power in Abiding

Posted by Connie Armerding on August 31, 2017 in Connie Armerding, Faith

A few months back I accompanied my twin daughters along with the rest of their third grade class on a field trip to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. I had plans to explore and engage in hands on experiences, so when we were immediately ushered in to the auditorium to watch a 3D […]

I Get to Be Me; You Get to Be You I Get to Be Me and You Get to Be You

Posted by Connie Armerding on June 22, 2017 in Connie Armerding, Faith, Family, Friendship

Relationships are tricky. Just when I think I have the rules of engagement figured out, I realize that they aren’t easily applied in any situation, because we are all different. It was in my formative years that I learned that relationships don’t always fall nicely into place. I have a sister that is 21 months […]