Our Vision

We live in a divided world. We are isolated by personal technology. Yet, we crave authentic and real connections.

JOI looks to find points of intersection where churches, nonprofits, and individuals meet to collaborate and partner in the Kingdom work being done in the city of Portland. More is accomplished when working together than would have been possible doing it alone.



The Joy of It HUB is an online Christian community calendar that supports the local church, nonprofits, and individuals by marketing and promoting activities that are open to the public. This creates space for face-to-face encounters that build community.


It’s through conversations JOI finds places where our stories, passions and callings intersect. Conversations create room for compassion and connection where the walls that divide and separate begin to diminish. Joy of It starts conversations through events, blogging, podcasting and even on our social media feeds.

For He Himself is our peace, who made both groups into one and broke down the barrier of the dividing wall (Ephesians 2:14)


When connections are created and relationships are strengthened, doors are opened for partnerships that bring broad impact. Our pursuit is to invest in life-changing projects across our city that build bridges and further the Gospel of Jesus.

We, the Christian community, are designed to work together. Just as one body has many parts, so it is with Christ (1 Corinthians 12:12).


A few exciting projects that are happening include:

Partnering with Lifeway

to create space for women across our region to connect, build relationships and be equipped to make a difference in their churches and spheres of influence. As Lifeway reaches out to connect with women for large events and have partner with Joy of It to connect these women back in the local churches.

Partnering with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)  

to create unified messaging and build program awareness through social media. This investment supports FCA in creating connections with athletes, coaches, parents, churches, and schools.

Expanding the Friendzy Program

from a city-wide event, to beautifully packaged curriculum.  Schools and churches across our city, state and nation are requesting this curriculum. We are in the process of packaging Friendzy so it will be available in 2018. Because when girls and boys learn God’s design for friendship, they learn it for life.  

Join us as a Joy of It Donor


Coming together as co-laborers on shared kingdom passions


Building each other up on the truth of God’s word and creating community


Making the reality of Jesus known by how we love and disciple each other