Unite together. To build-up together. To live out the Gospel together.

JOI looks to find points of intersection where organizations, nonprofits, and individuals meet to collaborate and partner in creating multicultural, multigenerational and multi-socioeconomic spaces. We believe we represent Jesus best together – When we are united, we can do great things.

JOI Friendzy curriculum is geared towards K-8th graders, targeting real-life issues and age appropriate needs. Together, we can implement this strategic program to confront friendship challenges head-on.

Today’s world is divided. Comparison, judgment, bullying, and hurtful words seem commonplace, and cell phones have replaced face-to-face connections. To combat the norm, JOI Friendzy provides the tools necessary to foster friendships for life. By celebrating differences, demonstrating compassion, and remaining intentional about using our words for good, we change the conversation on what it means to be a really good friend.

JOI Friendzy can be a small part of a big change in the lives of students everywhere. Because, when kids learn friendship, they learn it for life.

And in Him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit. (Eph 2:22)