Unite together. To build-up together. To live out the Gospel together.

Joy of It looks to find points of intersection where individuals, organizations, and nonprofits meet to connect, and partner in creating multicultural, multigenerational and multi-socioeconomic spaces. We believe we represent Jesus best together – When we are united, we can do great things.

There are challenges.

We live in a divided world in divided spaces. Yet there is a longing for personal connection. Because of technology we are the most connected generation ever, but also the most socially disconnected generation, experiencing the highest levels of loneliness, anxiety and isolation. Yet, God has designed and hardwired us for community. Jesus’ last mandate before He went to the cross was for the community of Jesus followers to be one so that the world would know Him (John 17:21).

There are opportunities.

Joy of It has an opportunity to make a small but significant impact by creating space for real and authentic connections. Real connection combats isolation, anxiety, depression, hate, racism and polarization. Through our JOI Friendzy Curriculum, we get to to proactively address friendship challenges with boys and girls k-8th grade. The JOI HUB and JOI One Body United events are designed to create space for conversation and connections with people from different cultures, generations, theology, and perspectives to build friendship and community.

There is us.

Just like you, we believe, we are designed and hardwired for community not separation and isolation. Together, we can create curriculum for kids that will teach students critical friendship skills, we can promote existing Christian based activity, and we can create space for authentic connections. Donate

And in Him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit. (Eph 2:22)