julie-pageAbout Julie Widman

Julie is a wife, mom and recovering control freak who is fueled by coffee and energized by music. Julie’s heartbeat is to help others foster authentic, genuine relationships. This is evidenced through the hours she willingly spends wrestling through the good, bad and ugly parts of life with other women.

Out of this passion for real friendships, she co-founded Friendzy, a friendship curriculum for 3rd-5th grade girls. Julie believes that teaching the biblical pillars of friendship will provide girls with tools that will benefit them as they grow into women.

When we learn friendship, we learn it for life.

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Speaking and Teaching Topics

Becoming a Remarkable Woman

Sisters, we might not have perfect lives but we are perfectly loved! God created each one of us to be remarkable and He makes us perfect in the middle of our imperfect lives.

Rehabbed Rahab

Can God really use even a prostitute to accomplish His purposes? Learn how this remarkable woman transforms from a resident of the house of shame to a place in faith’s Hall of Fame. Grace and faith collide in this story from Joshua 2.

A Well-Loved Woman (the woman at the well)

Have you been knocked down or left empty? Sister, we all need the water from Jesus’ well. Bring your heaviness and emptiness to the well. He’s ready to accept you just as you are. Let’s drink in His living water!

Are You There God?

Do you ever wonder if God is even listening? Is He active in your life? God tells us that even when we try to do it all on our own He is there. Stop spinning in circles trying to fix the circumstances of your life. Learn to REST in God through prayer as God does more than you can hope for or even imagine!

Run for Christ

We are believers in Christ—His children, His beloved, His chosen ones! How do we run worthy of the His calling? Paul’s letter to the Ephesians gives us guidelines for a race of love, light, wisdom, and spirit. On your mark, get set… Let’s run!

Truth vs. Lies

Who does God say we are? What is God’s truth and what are the lies we speak over ourselves? Ladies, what we believe about ourselves shapes our attitudes, action and our responses. Together let’s discover the truth about who God says we are, replace lies for truth and live in victory!

A Shark is a Shark

As believers we need to know what we are battling. A great enemy is lurking in the waters ready to strike. He is the father of lies who seeks to steal, kill and destroy. Learn who he is, what he wants, why he does what he does, and where God is in all of this!

Up and Down: From Failure to Finding Jesus

Life is hard sometimes. Hormones, habits, and heartache can make us as women feel like we are on a yo-yo of emotions. One day fearless-full-of-freedom, the next day life unravels to failure. Through life’s ups and downs we can go from failure to finding Jesus!

More than a Conqueror

The truth is, that in everyday challenges, life’s very hard moments, and in all of our desperate times—“in all these things we are more than a conqueror through him who loved us.” Yet, sometimes this truth is hard to believe. Sisters I have great news! God created a perfectly designed way for all of us to be able to own, believe, and live out Romans 8:37. (A lesson in neuroplasticity)

Absolute Surrender

How can we move from believing God’s promises and principles to actually living them out? It is tempting to believe that we can do it all on our own. It’s a fight with our flesh to let go of our own path and follow His. Together we can learn to surrender and move from being disciplined by God to being dominated by Him!

We See Dust. He Makes Beautiful Things.

Where we see brokenness and imperfection, the Lord sees potential and beauty. I love this idea! God works with our dust, handles our ugliness and pain, and engages our small specks of hope. Through His perfect design He makes us new!