Fully known. Deeply loved.

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I’ve lived most of my life with a deep desire to be FULLY known and DEEPLY loved, searching to be understood and heard.

I’ve felt alone and like no one “got” me. 

At times, I rarely even “got” myself. I had thoughts that contradicted themselves, actions that were opposing, desires that were never met and a soul that felt empty. In my darkest hours, I never knew the longing I had deep within. The constant betrayal of words, of actions, of promises led me to this place; this place of emptiness, confusion and anger. This place of fearing that I would never be known.  My deepest desires, my burning heart, and the entirety of me never being known by another.

My mind flooded with questions, and I longed for answers.

What makes me unique? Why do I do what I do? What makes me come alive? What fuels my fire? What feeds my soul? Who am I? Who will ever know me? Will anyone ever care enough to find out? Who will ever search me, dig in deep to my story, and pull out the treasures, thoughts, questions and discoveries buried inside? 

Slowly over time, I found the One whom my soul loves.

The One who was always there. The One who has always fully loved me and fully known me. The One who holds all my questions.

“Lord, You know everything there is to know about me. You perceive every movement of my heart and soul, and you understand my every thought before it even enters my mind. You are so intimately aware of me, Lord. You read my heart like an open book and you know all the words I’m about to speak before I even start a sentence!…. This is just too wonderful, deep, and incomprehensible! Your understanding of me brings me wonder and strength.” Psalms 139:1-6

My Beloved. He has been there all along, yet I never fully realized it. What beauty, what love, what joy I experience in being known. His presence ignites a hope within; the hope that He alone can bring. I have ALWAYS been fully known, yet I never knew.

YOU have ALWAYS been fully known. You are deeply LOVED and deeply DESIRED.

I sit with the peace found in Him, the joy found in Him, the beauty found in Him. Never again do I have to search, never again do I have to feel empty. The One who has always known me lives within me. Jesus is longing for me, searching for me, and desiring me. He is the One who will endlessly pour out his love, lavish His affection upon me, and fill me up.

Jesus is the One who will meet all my needs, fulfill my deepest desires.

He hears me, knows me, and understands me. Never again do I have to feel misunderstood,  not heard, or undesirable. Never again does my soul have to feel empty, my heart aching and depleted. My portion is Jesus; His goodness, peace, love, and overflowing and unending joy.

Beloveds, He is YOUR portion as well.

Sink deep into His arms and rest in His presence. Surrender to His love. Breathe it in, let it go deep into your heart. Let go, give up, and allow Him envelop you in His presence. Let Jesus speak over you His life giving truth.

You were designed for Joy. His love never fails.

-Kelsey Joy Rinker

Kelsey’s passion is to encourage, inspire, and speak the truth of God’s identity and love over people. Kelsey recently started a company designing shirts as well as blogging to have an outlet and a platform to speak His goodness. She believes you were designed for Joy and to experience His fullness.  Kelsey lives in Los Angeles and desires to encourage and guide women into uncovering and accessing a more Joyful, Abundant, & Spiritual lifestyle!

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