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“Faith comes by hearing and hearing from the Word of God.”

This phrase has been ringing in my head as I’ve spent time thinking about faith,  wondering what it really means. This phrase of Scripture is one that I learned as a child. I put it in my memory bank of Bible verses and Sunday school songs. But now I’m asking myself, what does it actually mean to me, today, as an adult?

In processing this, I realized I did not memorize it completely correct. Romans 10:17 actually says:

“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the Word of Christ.”

Depending on the version you read it may not seem like a big difference. But for me, as an adult, I now realize the difference holds life-changing potential.

There is a difference between hearing from the Word of God versus through the Word of Christ.

I envisioned hearing from the Word of God to be like when I was a child, sitting in a circle in class, taking it all in. To be taught or told about something I had not experienced yet; to learn new concepts that were foreign and far off. I was still curious about the how and why of faith and what the Word even meant through my small experience of the world as a child.

The difference I see now, and I find it to be an important difference, is this phrase described in the Scripture – “hearing through the Word of Christ”. I understand this to mean putting each circumstance, idea, and experience through the Word of Christ. So, every challenging or exciting thing that happens in my life should be experienced through the lens of the Word of Christ.

So when I face a faith challenge, I get to experience it through the words of Jesus.

I get to experience it with Jesus, day in and day out. I get to walk with Him through it. It is no longer just about sitting in a circle, “criss-cross applesauce”, hearing about a story unrelated to my everyday experience.

  • It is each day walking with Jesus.
  • It is each day living each circumstance through His perspective.
  • It is each day interacting with Jesus and the trust and faith that He gives me.

As we head into the Christmas season, when we celebrate the life of Jesus, what could it mean for you, as an adult, to live through Christ? How does that change your perspective on this season and the faith that you have or maybe the faith you are struggling with? What if it was not about just learning or being told about someone you do not have experience with yet?

What if this faith is actually about walking with someone everyday, through every high and every low?

What if it is about journeying with someone who has experienced it all and wants to experience it with you?

This is the difference between what I understood about faith as a child and now my faith as an adult. I now experience it through the lens of this Scripture. The phrase I remembered from childhood was the beginning of my journey of hearing about who Jesus was and what He did as I grew into adulthood. 

As I matured, I got to experience Jesus through Scripture in every area of my life.

Sometimes I can sense Jesus is actually present, and sometimes I can’t sense Him at all. That is part of the journey, part of the process that is faith. Trusting that through the truth of the Scriptures, no matter if you can see the promise or not, see Jesus or not, He is there and He wants to walk through it with you!

It reminds me of the words of Matthew 21:22:

“If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

Maybe you’re on a journey of faith today and you’re like me, as a child, sitting in a circle hearing about Him, curious about who He is and what He could do for you. I want to encourage you to have a little faith, to believe and ask Him to show Himself to you.

Maybe you’re in a different space in your journey and you have seen Him walk with you before, but you can’t see where He is now. I want to encourage you, Jesus has been there, He has felt alone too. And even if you cannot see Him, if you believe, He will answer.

Maybe you’re full of faith and can see Him working every day. I encourage you, share Him and what He is doing with all those around you.

When we talk about faith there are so many things that come up – celebrations, questions, curiosity, and doubt.

Remember, in this season where we celebrate the One who gives us faith, that He wants to work through you.

He’ll do it every day, in all ways, if you allow Him. Jesus wants to take you from hearing about Him to knowing Him personally.

-Camille Paterson

Camille Paterson is an encourager, entrepreneur, coach, and empowerer of people. She thrives most when helping others step into their purpose and perfect fit. Based on 15 years of counseling and mentoring experience, building multiple successful businesses and nonprofits, Camille uses her degree in communications and certifications in leadership and coaching to connect uniquely with the core of each person and their business. Camille resides in Kirkland, Washington and adventures out from there with her 3 men- 2 sons and a handsome Australian husband.

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