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Posted by Guest Blogger on November 14, 2019 in Faith, Hope, Love

Do you ever wonder what it means to be? I can remember learning a song that was a scripture as a young child. It went like this:

“In Him we live, and move, and have our b-e-e-e-ing, in Him we live, and move, and have our be-ing.”

As a child I had no idea what this song meant, but as an adult I have thought a lot about what “being” means.

Acts 17:28 says:

“For in him we live and move and have our being. As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.”

So, what does “being” mean? This verse in Acts speaks of us being his creation, his offspring, his daughters and sons. That’s good stuff! I’ve found it interesting though, how I have thought about being.

When I think about this word, I think about, stillness, presence, having peace, standing firm, and being firmly planted.

But there is SO much more to “being” then just those things. Although those are good and important.

I can clearly remember the feeling of panic and dread that would come over me when another morning would come and I would be faced with being left home alone with the kids again. I had to figure out myself, and how to parent them. What’s funny is that when I only had one child, we found all kinds of fun to do with other friends and stayed VERY BUSY.

When my second child came along, we lived similarly, just a little less. I sadly was a believer that “I was not going to be stuck at home with my kids,” (like that would be a bad thing). I dreaded being stuck at home with them; I didn’t know how to just “be” with them. I had no idea about being, and I didn’t even know it. Then, the inevitable happened, my third baby came along and I was a different person. I suddenly was hit with unimaginable exhaustion, I felt like “outside” was an unsafe place because I didn’t know how to keep my five and three year old safe, while holding on to this brand new baby.

So here I was with three small children and being faced with discovering what it meant to just be; be with them, be with myself, recognize that God was with me every second of every day. He was being with me. It was a challenging season and one of growth. 

It was one of the first times that I remember God speaking to me about surrendering.

And the visual I have is sitting comfortably, hands open, with everything that I hold dear in my hands, offering them up to Him. So, the more that I think about it, maybe “being” has more meaning to it than what I mentioned before. Maybe it means surrender, trust, living, breathing and so much more because it’s all about living in Him, with Him, because of Him.

My prayer in this season turned from “deliver me from this,” to “I am open to whatever you want to do in and through me in this season.” When I chose to surrender to God and seek Him and take on this identity of being His, there began this integration of me and Him.

My life, my existence, my “being” was affected by Him.

As a child I never thought I looked like either of my parents.  I didn’t necessarily want to either. And now as an adult, I am realizing more and more the qualities I have of each of them.

So this brought me to process…

If we are truly God’s offspring and we are taking that on, as our identity, as sons and daughters, then as we grow, in age, and stage we should be seeing more of His likeness in us.

The book of Acts says, in Him we LIVE and MOVE and have our BEING.

Through my experience, the greatest thing that I have discovered and am continuing to grow in, is the fact that I am not only loved by God, but truly God’s beloved. That is the name that He calls me, and He calls you. We have our being because He wanted us to, because He created us in love, to live and love and have relationship with Him. The more that I can embrace this identity as beloved, the more I understand “being“. And as I am beginning to understand my being, I feel more at peace and rest with who I am (being beloved) and what I am doing today (living and moving).

I am on this journey of lifelong discovery, and every time I begin to feel dissatisfied or like I am rushing to the next thing, I try to remember this: “In Him I live and I move and I have my being. I am His beloved daughter.” And I hope that you, too, will remember the same when you find yourself lost, discouraged or dissatisfied. In Him you live and you move and you have your being. You are His beloved daughter/son.

-Camilla Storlie

Camilla is a lover of Jesus and continues to be humbled by the way He gently takes her on this journey of faith and belovedness. She loves her family, neighboring, her city, sunrises, coffee, the beauty of the outdoors, real conversations and curiosity. She currently homeschools her 3 children and serves as a pastor on staff at Alongsiders Church in Portland, OR.

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