She Calls Him She Calls Him

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She calls Him
He speaks life
Small or large
His words breathe

She calls Him
Clearing paths
Through mountains
Calling pure Hearts
To carry His plans
Of freedom

She calls Him
She calls Him

She calls Him
Promise Keeper
Speaking into
Healing past

She calls Him
Sacrifices His son
For sins of sinners
Lost souls
He wants to reclaim

She calls Him
Brings peace in storms
Brings joy in pain

She calls Him
She calls Him

She calls Him
Son bound to a cross
That was made for her
Sins forgiven

She calls Him
He is never ending peace
Always presence
Always leading

She remains faithful
To His Word
His promise

He calls her
Robed in strength
Grace and

He calls her
No longer seeing
Nor her past

He calls her
For every battle
Has been won

He calls her
And calming
The waters

He calls her

And she knows Him
As Father

Kim Brown

Kimberly Lashea Brown is a creative soul that loves life. She currently lives in a small town in Arkansas. Never in a million years did she think Menifee would be the place she called home. She always says “You want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” As a poet, Kim uses words that explains a story or feelings. She let words linger in the air and paints heartfelt visuals that are full of promise. She continues to stretch her gift academically and spiritually.

“Sometimes I feel I wear too many hats and I wonder if God’s plan is clear for me.  But I realize the closer I get in my relationship with God…His plan is perfectly made for me.  My brain and spirit thrives when I am creating…art, poetry or food it doesn’t matter.” 

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  1. Ashley Bell

    I. LOVE. THIS! Thank you Kimberly.

  2. babs vanelli

    lovely! thought it was lyrics to song; I may
    find myself singing it and making up my own
    little melody….Thank you so much!
    Bless you!

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