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Posted by Guest Blogger on July 25, 2019 in Faith, Guest Blogger, Wisdom

What is patience? 

Patience is discovering how she would go about something before interjecting how I would go about it.

Patience is delaying gratification without doubting the pleasure or worthiness of the gratification.

Patience is marinating, not microwaving.

Patience is active trust in the giver and the giver’s timing.

Patience is waiting without wavering.

Patience is celebrating the wobbles without forcing her to run before her time.

Patience is taking the time to recharge to 100% rather than living off spurts of 8% battery.

Patience is embracing the awkward silence as a time to collect my thoughts.

Patience is listening to her full response before cutting her off to say “I know.”

Patience is believing all worthy things take time.

Patience is the invitation of the easy yoke.

Patience is trusting the silence in the space where God collects his thoughts rather than abandons my presence.

What if God is content to go at a slower pace in life than I’m comfortable with?

What if my hurried life does nothing to convince God to speed up?

What if in my rush to accomplish tasks, God is more concerned with developing my character?

What if patience is a virtue and the road on which I travel to the virtues?

Patience is sandwiched between peace and kindness (Gal. 5:22). Peace is the internal experience when I extend patience to myself. Kindness is patience extended to others. Grace is God’s posture of patience bestowed to all.

My Prayer:

God, would you recalibrate my soul to your Spirit’s grace-paced metronome? Quiet the clatter of my mind and heart that I may be at ease in the stillness of your presence. It is in your presence where my perspective is put right and I remember the slow journey with you is the prize for which my soul longs.
Thank you that on this journey, you never rush. Thank you that you’re ever-beckoning me to trust you’re more patient with me than I am with myself. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Lizzie Ng

Lizzie Ng

Lizzie Ng is a local Portlander who loves the church, dairy-free ice cream, and empowering young leaders. She is currently the Analyst and Designer for the City Gospel Movements team at the Luis Palau Association where she creates resources for leaders who develop church unity in cities around the world. She is currently learning to try new things without care of failing.  

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