Ordinary to Extraordinary Obedience: Ordinary to Extraordinary

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If you are anything like me, you long for the extraordinary life God has created you for.

Ephesians 2:10 tells us that He has created each of us for a purpose.

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

I find great joy in knowing the world hasn’t seen the best of me yet, and I hope you do too. I know that no matter how incredible my days have been, my best days are still ahead of me. This one thought, based on God’s word, energizes me and fuels my Christian walk to be all that I can be with the time I am given on this earth to fulfill his Kingdom purposes for my life.

You may be thinking “this sounds great, but how do you live the EXTRAORDINARY life God has planned for you? How do you flee the ordinary and walk into the extraordinary?” While wrestling with wanting to be more for God, He spoke to me in the silent wee hours of the morning.

In January 2018, God spoke one word to me that created the bridge to take my life from the ordinary to the extraordinary…


While it is such a simple word to speak, living it out is much harder. Am I right? It is the only way though! We are invited to live a life of raw dependence, seeking and listening to our Father, letting the Holy Spirit guide us, and looking to the word of God to encourage us.

When I feel that I don’t  measure up or that God could surely use someone else, I journey through scripture to find the nourishment I need to keep running my race. I look to ordinary people like Esther, Mary, Noah and Moses. Here we see ordinary people who through obedience became extraordinary and accomplished Kingdom work that we still stand in awe of today.

My prayer is that we would allow God to use us just like He used our faith heroes of old; that we would leave a legacy that will change the course of history for others.

What lies on the other side of our obedience is life changing for us and for others.

That truth alone ignites hope and courage to walk out obedience in our faith journeys. As Christ followers, it is our vocation to love others and spread the good news. Obedience isn’t about us, but about souls that will be affected on the other side of our obedience. Souls who need encouragement, love and most importantly a grace that sets them free from their past and launches them into an extraordinary future in the hands of a mighty God.

Obedience isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s lonely.

We see the road our heroes in the faith walked and oftentimes it was a lonely one. So if you feel this way, know that you’re in good company.

I must be honest and say that I have been walking through a lonely season of obedience for some months now, or so I thought. Recently on a Hawaiian vacation, I was reminded that I am not alone. You see I have always coined myself as a “lone bird on a wire”. I think differently than most and our family certainly has been blessed to live differently than most. On an early tropical Hawaiian morning listening to the waves crashing on the shore, a lone bird perched right above our balcony.

It was an ordinary bird and nothing was special about it. My thought was, that’s me, the lone bird.

I began to question God and asking why I feel so isolated in this season. Why do I hear differently from you than others? Why do I see things differently? Why? Why? Why?

I love when God gives you an immediate answer to your questions.

As soon as that ordinary bird flew away, a bigger and stronger looking bird immediately took its place. You see, that bird had been there, but I couldn’t see it.

God whispered, “You aren’t alone. I am always with you even when you can’t see me.”

Can we just take a praise break for God’s faithfulness to us?

As I leave you, I encourage you to flee the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary that God has destined for you by CHOOSING to walk in obedience to all He is calling you to. Let the ordinary heroes of faith who chose obedience encourage you and give you courage for your journey. Put yourself in the hands of our Mighty God and expect extraordinary things to unfold in your life for the sake of God’s kingdom work here on earth.

You’ve got this and He’s got you!

Brandi SmithBrandi Smith

I am a former educator turned CEO. While I enjoyed my career, I felt a deeper calling to be home with my family and lead life on my terms. I longed to live life with intention and to STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. I escaped the rat race through entrepreneurship and I haven’t looked back. You can now find me digging into the word, empowering others from the comfort of my home office, loving on my hubby, raising my kiddos to live life with intention, and doing the one thing I can’t live without…Travel. I am a HOT MESS in the hands of a Mighty God!

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  1. Thank you for your words of encouragement I have been in a relationship for five years and things have gone from bad to worse. I am thankful to to God that there was no physical intimacy. I’ve known in my heart that this relationship would not lead to marriage. I know that the Lord loves me and has forgiven me for not listening to him when I knew from the beginning that I needed to end the relationship.

  2. Tammy Coates

    AMEN!! I recently was tempted to justify a risky friendship with a man I wasn’t married to. My husband has been severely disabled for 16 yrs. He is unable to talk so when I was receiving caring attention, I ate it up.
    I quickly recognized where this could go and cut it off before anything could develop. If I had waited until a sin was committed, it would’ve been so much harder and many more consequences! Such a blessing in obeying!!!

  3. Hello, My name is Shannon Olive and I currently run a women’s organization helping women to rebuild their lives to succeed transitioning from prison, in recovery, and women recovering from trauma. I have been struggling with a relationship for 6 1/2 years and God has continued to provide, love, care, bless, and have patience witg me.

    I want to serve my God fully, but I do continue to keep struggling with this relationship. I want and need what God wants me to have because I’m on an assignment to help bless others, promote sufficiency, and get them to know Jesus as their personal savior. Please keep me in your prayers,
    God bless

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