Testify: Live What You Believe Testify: Live What You Believe

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The main reason many people end up getting hurt by Christians is because they proclaim the good gospel, but live as if it is not what they believe.

In the Old Testament, “hypocrite” was synonymous to “actor”. Therefore, if I were to refer to someone as a hypocrite, I am saying that that person is an actor. An actor is someone pretending to be someone they’re not. So, as Christians, when we proclaim Jesus, his love, forgiveness and grace, but live lives that don’t resemble the virtues set forth by Jesus, we are being hypocrites.

The damage of hypocrisy is unending.

It leads to bitterness, hate, inauthenticity, and eventually, disbelief. I find it extremely damaging when Christians attempt to live life in order to persuade others into their own beliefs without living it out themselves.

I was amazed when I read Luke 17:11-17. Jesus was a man who lived his life in genuine love for people. His desire to share the gospel was to bring life to the fullest for everyone. It was to free people from condemnation so that they could live the life that God called them to in pure joy!

That is why when he came across the 10 men with leprosy, he healed them without a word of the gospel. He showed it in action! He met them where they were and offered them what they needed. Then, in the end, only one came back to thank him and gave praises to God.

Regardless, Jesus healed them and loved on them even though they never came back to praise God.

Reading this got me questioning my own life and my own motives.

Am I living my life to share the gospel simply because I know how good it is and I want others to enjoy this goodness with me? Or am I trying to persuade people that my belief is better than theirs before even just loving them as people?

Personally, I’m not persuaded by anyone if I don’t watch them live out what they speak first. To break this chain of hypocrisy, let’s be open and honest about where we are. Not pretending to have everything figured out, but simply desiring to share what is in our hearts, because the love of God has changed us.

If we love others because we are first loved, that will change everything from ourselves to the people we are sharing with.

“Live what you believe so others believe what you live.” —Christine Caine

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