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Posted by Kerri Weiland on December 6, 2018 in Faith, Freedom, Guest Blogger

Words lose their power when they become too familiar to us.

Redemption is a powerful word that has become familiar, but it is meant to impact our life. Merriam Webster defines the word redeem this way:

to exchange something in one’s possession for something possessed by another.

In our daily lives we are constantly making exchanges. We exchange coupons for dollars saved on purchases. We pay bills in exchange for services. The key here is that both parties must participate in order for an exchange to happen.

Jesus offers us life eternal, but this offer requires our acceptance.

Salvation is the starting point; but redeeming our stories, our lives, our hurts, and our broken places is how we are meant to exist and live life in Christ.

As Christians, we are to display a different reality. A redemptive army of believers is what He has asked us to become.

Jesus was the ultimate example of this life and He promised that this would be our story if we choose to grab hold of it. In John 14 the scripture tells us that we will walk in the same power that Jesus did, and even more!

How is this even possible?

John 14 continues on to tell us that the Holy Spirit will guide and teach us ALL things. The empowering presence of the Holy Spirit is meant to guide us into a life full of redemption.

Jesus offers us more than eternal life. He offers abundant life, available to us right now, on this side of heaven. Jesus offers to each of us a supernatural way of life through His redemptive work in us.

What is supernatural to us is natural to Jesus.

We are to follow His example, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, His nature will become our nature. This is the ultimate transaction and exchange!

  • Are you weary? He wants to give you rest!
  • Are you filled with fear? He wants to give you supernatural peace!
  • Are you discouraged? He wants to be your encourager!

What do you need to exchange today?

Jesus is not asking us to ignore our circumstances; but rather, He is asking for permission to invade our circumstances and bring us redemptive solutions. Jesus slept through a storm while the disciples sat in panic. Why? Because the peace Jesus carries is not determined by the size of the waves nor the ripping of the wind.

That same peace is what He is offering to us today. Supernatural life is not based upon our natural surrounding. It is based upon making an exchange:

  • From death to life.
  • From fear to faith.
  • From bitterness to forgiveness.
  • From not enough to more than enough, and overflowing with abundance.

Jesus gave thanks for a few fish and loaves knowing that His Father would multiply what He gave in gratitude. Jesus gave thanks prior to the loaves and fish multiplying. This is life in the supernatural. Jesus knew that the redemptive exchange was coming and He gave thanks for what He had, knowing that it was His Father’s desire to bring the increase.

This is REDEMPTIVE living.

Scripture shows us that to live like this requires us to look at life not through natural eyes, but through spiritual eyes. It requires an exchange and our participation. Let’s choose to see things from His perspective rather than our own.

This requires us to surrender and give God permission to do things in His way and in His time instead of ours.

Jesus’ life is filled with testimonies of the powerful redemptive solutions He brought to everyday ordinary events.

  • The dead were raised.
  • The blind could see
  • The lame could walk.
  • Children were cherished .
  • Women were honored.
  • Slaves were set free.

The first recorded evangelist was a woman that changed an entire community because of an encounter with Jesus at a well. In that moment He redeemed her entire history and sent her on mission.

The religious leaders were challenged to offer more than tradition and customs. Jesus disrupted the status quo and people were left with a choice. Today we are left with a choice as well. Will we walk in the way of Jesus?

Jesus, led by the Holy Spirit, was empowered to live a life of redemptive realities.

And Jesus is our example.

He sent the Holy Spirit to be with us! What situation do we find ourselves in that needs the touch of the redemption of God? Do we hear Him inviting us to come? He will give us rest. (Matt.11:28) That redemptive promise is ours for the taking. Let’s grab hold of it today!

Our lives are not meant to be ordinary; they are meant to be extraordinary. Just as we have invited Jesus to take over our lives at the moment of salvation, let’s invite Him in to redeem our circumstances today.

God, we ask for redemptive solutions to our current realities. Thank you that you will give us enough for today. And then tomorrow, we can ask you to do it again.

God promises to provide. The cross was the starting point, the beginning of living a redeemed life. Today the cross is there to take our pain, a place where we can exchange what isn’t working for something that will. We are invited to leave the old behind and pick up something new.

Join me in saying yes to being part of the the army of believers that is rising up to bring God’s redemptive solutions into everyday circumstances.

Kerri Weiland

—Kerri Weiland

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  1. Betsy

    Very good my friend! Spoken from the heart ❤️!
    I pray this will be received well, as the Lord uses
    It to redeem lives!

  2. Sara

    I loved this! Such hope and joy penned in this writing.
    What a way to live! Thank you

  3. Tina

    This is spot-on! Thanks for speaking life and reminding us about His redemptive work and how it really applies to our everyday life.

    There is so much more he has for us than what we can see with our natural eye!

    Love it!

  4. Kristen Steele

    Thank you for writing this truth! I agree wholeheartedly! Remembering daily the redemptive work done for us on the cross brings so much joy, purpose and peace!

  5. Lesley

    Thank you for this Kerri. He is our deliverer, our fortress, our strong tower, our redeemer. Lord, help us to remember to walk with You remembering and believing this in every step we take and in every area of our lives.

  6. Becca

    I love this… it is an honor to be apart of this army.

  7. Maryette Peterson

    The wonder is that there is no age limit or other requirements to qualify for redemption.
    My goal is surrendering to Him for
    His loving best to be accomplished. Thank
    you Kerri.

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