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What comes to mind when you hear the word restore or restoration?

For me, I often see something that is dying (i.e. a plant or flower) and then in an instant it is brought to life again. When I think about being restored, I picture an old neglected and dilapidated house; a house that sits in ruins, void of its original beauty and potential.

Maybe you, like me, have some familiarity with one of the many television programs in which we see an old house being restored to its original state (at times the restoration looks better than the original creation). We watch as a master craftsman comes along and, unlike you and me, when they look at this house they see it through a different lens.

Their perspective reflects what it can be, and not what it currently is.

And so, that craftsman chooses to spend time with that house; committed to seeing it returned to its full potential. They begin the process of knocking down walls, replacing old pipes, putting in new fixtures, and restoring its original foundation. The craftsman knows there are some things present that he can keep and use and that will fit right in; and he also knows that there are other things that have to go. That there are things, if left, will keep the house from functioning properly, so he removes them.

As the craftsman works to restore the house, it doesn’t always reflect the beauty and potential that he knows is there, and oftentimes, the process proves to be painful for everyone involved.

Yet, because he is aware of the reward that awaits, he patiently continues on, committed to the process and eager to see the house fully restored. The house, no longer an eyesore, is now a reflection of time spent with the craftsman. The house now reveals the beauty of the craftsman’s work.

As we journey with God, we are the house and He is the craftsman.

Outside of Him we are, like that dilapidated house, void of our potential and absent of beauty. There are parts of us that are rundown, worn out, broken, scarred, and shaken.

However, as we spend time in the presence of the One who created us, we see the Master Craftsman restore us to a condition greater than we ever imagined. He takes our sin, fears, worry, and anxiety, and replaces them with his forgiveness, peace, trust, love and grace. And, just like scripture declares in 2 Corinthians 5:17, we become a new creation in Christ.

One of the amazing things about God’s power to restore is He actually takes what appears to be our “natural tendencies” and He redeems us to a place of healing that we have never imagined.

Ever since I was a small child I can remember being overwhelmed with a fear of getting it wrong. I recall wanting to get everything just perfect and always feeling as if I was just not good enough. As I grew, so did my feelings of inadequacy.

However, over the years I have learned to release those tendencies and allow myself to rest in knowing that in Christ, I am more than enough.

While I can’t pinpoint a direct cause as to why I tended to feel that way, I can honestly say that God has brought me to a place in which those thoughts and feelings no longer dominate and control me.

How many of us have heard the saying, “nothing in life is free”; or “if it seems too good to be true it probably is?” This mentality is rooted in a way of thinking that contradicts a life in Christ.

For many of us, the most difficult part of restoration is simply receiving it.

As believers, we can’t earn it and we don’t work to get it. Restoration is one of the many gifts given to us by the grace of God. In a world filled with messages of earning, working, and reward, this can be a difficult concept to embrace.

God longs to see His sons and daughters living in the fullness of all He has created for us. His plan of restoration includes eternal life later and abundant life now (John 10:10). I am pleasantly baffled as a believer in Christ, as to how God’s love for us allows Him to see us as He originally created us, regardless of our present condition.

It is this amazing love that opens the door for us to access forgiveness, grace, and restoration.

Restored means to bring back or reinstate.

It is returning someone or something to a former condition, place or position. When God created humanity, He did so in a manner that reflected His own image and likeness (Genesis 1:26). And since that time the heart of the Father has been to see mankind restored to our original place and position.

A plan we see perfectly executed in our journey with God.

Ephesians 2:10 says,

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

Beloved, my prayer for you is that you will continue to surrender in partnership with the Holy Spirit, allowing God to restore you to your fullest potential, reflecting His glory in the earth.

Keyonda McQuarters—Keyonda McQuarters

Keyonda McQuarters serves as the founder of Unveiling The Father’s Heart (UTFH),a Christian community called to reveal the love of our Heavenly Father. UTFH exists to make known God’s love, that we might experience His healing, and live out His destiny for our life. UTFH serves as a ministry of encouragement and hope. 

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