Connected for a Purpose Connected for a Purpose

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As a life coach, I find the one thing that seems to prevail for most of us is the question:

“What is my purpose in life?”

This question includes concerns such as:

  • Where do I fit?
  • Is there anything special or significant about me?
  • What am I particularly good at?
  • Does it really matter?
  • How could I make a difference?
  • Where do I start?
  • What if I fail?

Can you relate to any of these thoughts or concerns? The fact is that each of us was designed with something in mind. There is an ongoing preoccupation within us that can only be satisfied by somehow making this connection.

CONNECTION: Let’s pause here a minute.

Typically, in desiring to discover our purpose, we too often base our ideas and assumptions on how we view the success of others. We then find ourselves stuck in a rut of comparison and/or admiration that can overwhelm us with insecurities about our own abilities, value, and worth.

And, oh boy, does the enemy of our purpose love to use this mental space as a playground to bully and sometimes even torment us!

Philippians 2:13 teaches us that:

“it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.”

The emphasis that strikes me here is that our God Himself works IN you or IN us to accomplish His will and good purpose for our lives.

Wow! Is there something within this truth we may tend to overlook?

This passage clearly indicates God has placed His desire and purpose for my life within me. And He is always working with what He has already placed there!

Now take a deep breath and let that sink…

God has created and equipped each of us to fulfill the purpose He has placed on our lives. We first must discover the purpose God has for us, but it doesn’t end there.

It is one thing to tap into my personal purpose; to discover how God has designed me with my unique passions, abilities, skills, experiences, and even the influences I may have. But it is another thing altogether to discover others you are called to be connected to and united with to accomplish that purpose.

Now that, my friend, is called LIFE more abundantly!

One of the greatest joys for me in this season is not only to sense a greater release and connection into my own purpose and call, but most recently I have been extremely blessed to have been united with what I call “my tribe!”

A group of amazing women of diverse races, culture, backgrounds, ages, and gifting have gathered together for a purpose. We are different, but have a united heart and desire for a common cause.

In my desire to continue to grow and truly allow God to fulfill His purpose through my life, I trusted His timing and provision and walked through the doors He was opening. This was a piece that I did not see coming! But it has proven to be a significant ingredient and essential to the bigger picture of God’s intended plan and agenda.

He gave me a bonus I wasn’t expecting! 

The heart-to-heart connections of these women is around a passion to reclaim Kingdom territory within the body of Christ. We do so by exposing strategies and deception which has caused tolerated division based on things such as racism and classism. Spaces and opportunities have been created for believers to address and experience the power of the unity available to us in Jesus.

We are finding that our differences, diversity, cultural experiences, and various life journeys are the very things that are creating a strong and powerful united force.

We have been connected for a purpose.

As believers we are designed to fit together as connected joints so we are free to move and work together to accomplish God’s purpose in the earth.

This is strongly emphasized in Ephesians 4:16

“…From him (Jesus) the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.”

Every one of us has been shaped to serve a significant purpose in the earth. And each of us holds a key to unlocking God’s greater potential and purpose in someone else’s life.

I encourage you to begin now to pray for God to orchestrate purposeful opportunities and to divinely connect you with all the right people in the process.

Lord, I ask that you continue to connect and unite your people so that we may truly re-present You and accomplish Your great purpose in the earth effectively. This is my prayer, in Jesus Name!

Mary Merriweather

Mary Merriweather

One of Mary’s mantra’s is that “Each of us was designed with something in mind!” She strongly believes that life at its best is when we realize how God designed us! What He wants to get through us, and then share our lives with others accordingly. Her passion is to inspire, ignite, and create opportunities around this discovery. This passion is why she founded her life coach practice. Life By Design specializes in empowerment and personal development coaching. Mary is also Co-Pastor at Northeast Community Fellowship Church alongside her husband of 30 years, Pastor George Merriweather.

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  1. Tina

    This speaks to the Father’s heart for all of us and captures what he has done and is continuing to do in us. Grateful for his timing!

  2. Tina

    This captures the Father’s heart for us. I thank God for his timing and how he has knit us together in purpose. Thank you for sharing

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