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Posted by Guest Blogger on May 31, 2018 in Faith, Guest Blogger, Wisdom

Matthew 5:5 says,

“Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”

I didn’t really understand what this meant until I had some of the most difficult experiences. God uses the most challenging and scary things in our lives to reveal His power.

I am a Black women who experiences so many kinds of things because of the color of my skin. I work in spaces that are predominantly White people, so I am usually one of the few people of color in my work space. I experience things that happen or don’t happen in a work place that have been painful and create feelings of anger.

To give you an example, I had a White supervisor who asked me why I was not involved in the diversity work in the organization only two months into my position. I told her I was not interested in that, because I wanted to focus on my job so I can do it well.

She told me that she expected me to do the work and that is why she hired me. She said she needed to consult with the executive director and revisit their hiring decision.

I responded and said that I thought she hired me because she believed and thought I had the skills to do the job, not because of the color of my skin. In my head I added, “if that is why you hired me then you are really shallow.”

I went home, cried and gave it to God. I said,

“God whatever it is you want me to learn, give me the strength.”

These conversations kept going for about seven months. I endured them and had the strength to not be reactive. Although I respected my supervisor, I still felt a lot of pain and anger.

God opened up a door for me to share my experience with the executive director that shifted a lot of things. The executive director became aware of the situation, I began to develop a positive relationship with the executive director and I felt comfortable sharing my experience.

Long story short, I ended up supervising the department.

When God says the meek will inherit the earth, this is what it means.

One will struggle, it will be difficult, but mountains will begin to move out of your way and God will place opportunities in front of you.

So, practical humility means getting out of the way so God can move. Humility is a very powerful thing, because it shifts not just me as an individual, but the environment, community, and atmosphere.

Humility does not mean weakness.

In fact, I believe people who are considered meek and humble are respected people and hold a peaceful power. I Googled the most humble world leaders and these people came up:

  • Jose Mujica (Uruguay’s former president),
  • Joyce Banda (first female president of Malawi),
  • Sushil Kiorala (Nepal’s former prime minister),
  • Pope Francis (leader of the Catholic church), and
  • Warren Buffett (widely considered the most successful investor in the world)

When I looked them up, they all had something in common:

They are selfless people.

There are so many times in the Bible where I felt Jesus could have said something to people who doubted Him and didn’t know who He was. Jesus saw the bigger picture. He was betrayed, crucified on the cross for sins He didn’t even commit, died humiliated and rose victorious.

This has influenced and will continue to influence generations. It was so powerful that people’s hearts are continually being changed.

So, what I have learned so far is:

Humility is enduring difficulties.

Humility is putting aside my desires.

Humility is recognizing God is in control.

Humility is understanding the opportunity for growth.

Humility is one of the most powerful ways to shift hearts, communities, and culture.


Marcella Chiromo—Marcella Chiromo

My name is Marcella Chiromo and I strive to follow Christ everyday. I work in the psychology field with adolescents and completing a PhD in International Psychology. I value authenticity, because I believe that is where genuine connection is developed. I celebrate messiness because that is where God’s power is revealed. I am constantly learning through the experiences I encounter in life.

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  1. This post is amazing Marcella! Thankful for your life and for your boldness.

  2. Joy

    Marcella. Thank you for sharing your story. You encourage and give voice to the power of humility.

  3. Patricia Ford

    Thank you for sharing your story of trusting God. I experienced some of the same, but I was left without a job. But God used that time to teach me humility and trust in dark places. I came out of prison in 1990 and who would have thought I would work with the federal government. God took be further in life and I experienced and saw things in life I could never imagine. I have accepted God as my father and oh what a dad he is. Thank you for perseverance in your life so others such as me won’t give up when life gets difficult.

    Patricia Ford

  4. Julie

    Marcella, your authenticity and humility shine through your words. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  5. Delia Coker

    Marcella, your vulnerability is inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. Well done!

  6. Marcella, I believe as you do. That authenticity is a very very powerful place to to bond with God and with others.
    Thank you for sharing as a black woman. I, a white woman began worshiping at a primarily all black church ten years ago. I had much to learn about my own prejudice, and Praise God, I had pastors at that church who walked the journey with me. Still working on it, but it soooo helps to hear your journey on the other side as well. Thank you! I, too, am a blogger, and blogged about this journey. Still walking it. Still deep, still going to levels I could not have conceived.

  7. Connie

    Marcella, you graciously and vulnerably are opening up a conversation that so many of us need to enter it to. Your words carry weight. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  8. Donna Jameson

    Thank for this word, Marcella! I am honored to watch you live this message out and have been deeply impacted by your choices and your life.

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