He's in the Waiting He’s in the Waiting

Posted by Kay Harms on February 15, 2018 in Contributing Author, Faith, Hope

In today’s post, Kay Harms challenges us to recognize that God is at work in the waiting.

“Waiting is the hard work we do so God can do the work that only He can do.”

He is the only one that can change a heart. Take courage and join us in reading how to navigate the waiting well.

Have you noticed that God usually works slowly, over the course of time?

Actually, the Bible tells us that “the Lord is not slow about His promise (or His work), as some count slowness, but is patient toward” us (2 Peter 3:9). God is all about being thorough, completing the task, bringing complete transformation. He doesn’t scribble out and write over, or cut and paste. He redeems, reclaims, rebuilds, refreshes and regenerates.

He makes all things new, not newish.

But if you have humbly asked God to do work in you – to cleanse you, create a clean heart in you, change your direction, increase your love for Him, change your affections, redirect your passions, build up your courage, put you on a new path, banish your demons – then you are probably ready for Him to get it done already. It often takes measurable pain and tears and regret and conviction to get us to the point of willingness, does it not?

And once we’ve witnessed the ugliness of our ways or carried on our shoulders the weight of regret or shed the tears of remorse or looked ugly consequences squarely in the face…we’re already exhausted and so ready for the change we’ve submitted to.

Still, God uses time to change, heal, redirect, rebuild.

He strings together hard moments and monotonous hours and long days and wearisome weeks and too many months to accomplish His work. He digs out. He levels off. He lays a firm foundation. He measures carefully and places intentionally. He is the Master Carpenter, building not a make-do but a masterpiece. He will not be rushed.

But if you’re on day two or enduring month four, I thought you could use some encouragement today.

I’ve been there, sister. I’ve almost given up. I’ve wondered if I was the only one slow…if I was remedial. I’ve tapped my foot at God impatiently and thought perhaps I made His promises all up in my head. I’ve questioned why I was doing this anyhow, was it really necessary after all.

I know how hard it is to wait well while God works.

Here’s a prayer I prayed often for months. I’m praying this prayer for you today, too. I know your heart is for God to work big. He will. Just give Him time, and give Him room. Your obedience is like a signed permission slip, allowing God to do the work only He can do. Only He can change a heart.

O Lord, enlighten whatever is dark in me…strengthen whatever is weak in me; mend whatever is broken and heal whatever is sick in me. Straighten whatever is twisted…revive whatever joy and peace and life have died in me. Come, Lord Jesus, be the companion of my life and partner for all eternity. –John Powell

And if you are someone who has made it to the other side of something long and hard and big, could you do me a favor? Could you echo my encouragement to someone today; someone who is struggling, hanging on by her nails, teetering on giving up?

If you have a friend, co-worker, sister, or daughter who is waiting on God to work, would you remind her that He is? And would you tell her that you’re praying for her and that you’re rooting for her and that you see progress already – because, you probably do and she may not?

Here’s a scripture for you, calling you to the work of encouragement:

And we urge you, brothers and sisters, admonish the undisciplined, comfort the discouraged, help the weak, be patient toward all. (1 Thessalonians 5:14, NET)

It’s hard, isn’t it?

When you’ve come face-to-face with your faults or mistakes and want so desperately to be new? But you know God is the only one who can truly make all things new?

Yeah, it’s a journey. But, sister I promise you,

“the one who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 1:6)

God is always at work, even when you can’t feel it or hear it or see it. Wait well.

Waiting is the hard work we do so God can do the work that only He can do.

Wait well.

Kay HarmsKay Harms

Kay Harms is the author of three women’s Bible studies and a frequent speaker at women’s events around the country. She is passionate about helping women discover biblical answers for their modern dilemmas and challenges. An empty-nester and pastor’s wife, Kay serves alongside her husband in Arizona, almost 2,000 miles from the rest of their family. So she knows firsthand what it’s like to be far from the ones you love.

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