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Posted by Guest Blogger on April 21, 2016 in Faith, Family, Marriage

 I’m Obsessed! Too Much Technology?

Recently in our Sunday school marriage class we talked about things we are obsessed with. My husband & I read an interesting post and I wanted to share some of the insights with you! For me, recognizing what I was obsessed with was a really funny and also scary and even a little shocking…like this first question might be!

How old is the iPad?

a. 15 years old

b. 10 years old

c.  5 years old

d.  2 years old

Before you read further, how confident are you with your answer?

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 9.24.59 PM

If you guessed a, that it’s 15 years old that was 2000. Myspace and Facebook didn’t exist yet.
If you guessed b, that the iPad is 10 years old… that was 2005. Google maps went live for the first time and not on a cell phone.

If you guessed c, congratulations, that was 2010, the birth year of the first generation iPad. On April 3, we’ll be celebrating its sixth birthday.

The author of the article pointed out that most people thought that the iPad was much older than it really is…then he asked the question that

I’m going to ask…Did you realize how old it was?

For me…I suppose, I loose track of how old I am, and I suppose that’s on purpose… BUT I was shocked at how relatively short this particular piece of technology had been around!! I totally lost perspective of it’s age! I could not believe it was only 6 years ago, that Mike, my husband, and I and most of our children and their friends, stayed up most of the night, camping out to stand in line at Bridgeport Village so he could get the newest release of his latest obsession! Something Apple! Make no mistake..this did NOT help my “love” of camping one bit!!

But as Josh Straub, the author of the article we both read, pointed out we have developed “pre-tech amnesia” and we just can’t remember what life was like before technology. Think just for a minute about life without your cell phone!!

He also states that one of the “creepiest” things about our obsession with technology is how willingly we have not only accepted-but also come to develop an intimate trust with these devices.

Maybe this has not affected you in your household. But we were SUPER convicted in ours! Here is a list that he put together, of things we do with our phones and iPads, but honestly…I could have written it myself! That’s the convincing part! See if you see yourself in any of this. (I’ve adapted it a little bit…) Please tell me I’m not the only one that related to this man’s view of this device!

  1. We trust them with our bank accounts.
  2. We share pictures of our kids on them.
  3. We allow them to not only know, but often tell us, where we go.
  4. When we go to bed at night it’s often our last thing to look at.
  5. When we wake up in the morning, we grab it immediately and spend time with it before anything or anyone else.
  6. They babysit our kids.
  7. They accompany us to the toilet.
  8. We allow them to interrupt us when we’re with people we love. (We don’t even allow our children to do that.)
  9. We have a panic attack when we can’t find them.

Wouldn’t you agree that if we paid that much attention to our spouse, the divorce rates would drop? Or if we gave that undivided attention to our kids, teachers in our schools would see such a change in the attitudes of our children! How about your relationship with God? If we talked to Him first, spent our every waking moment holding Him this close…we’d be available to be better friends. We’d be so full we’d be gushing with the overflow from the abundance of the knowledge of His love.

So what are you obsessed with? Maybe we need to take another look at those priorities! “People who are obsessed with Jesus do not consider service a burden. Obsessed people take joy in loving God by loving His people (MaB. 13:44; John 15:8).” Francis Chan

When you produce much fruit, you are my true disciples. This brings great glory to my Father. John 18:8


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