I Almost Missed It

Posted by Joy Roberts on January 20, 2016 in Faith, Fitness, Friendship, Joy Roberts, Uncategorized

I almost missed a HUGE opportunity today!  

I made it out for a quick run this morning with my sweet little dog Brandy.  When I was headed back, on the homestretch, just a half-mile from my house, I saw a woman.  I noticed her because she had two walking sticks and was soooo slooooooooooow.

I watched her for a bit thinking…that’s going to be me someday.  I’m going to get really old and really slow and someday a half-mile will feel like a half-marathon.

BTW…She was not particularly old looking. But she was literally at least double my age and I’m not exactly young anymore.  So really…She’s AMAZING.  I want to be her when I grow up! Hello…she was out for a walk wearing cute hiking boots AND red lipstick.  She looked good!

I’m all about building women up…right!  Our mission at Joy of It is to UNITE, BUILD and encourage women to LIVE life for the joy of it.

So just before I zipped passed her I exuberantly said “HI” really loud (in case she could not hear).  I scared her half to death!  She literally almost tipped over.  I slowed down long enough to make sure she was ok. That’s when I noticed she clearly was recovering from a stroke and when she said something about my adorable dog.

And then I was off like the elite runner I AM NOT.  Of course my conscience screamed at me to PLEASE STOP.  I argued with myself…reminding myself of all the important stuff I have to do to UNITE, BUILD and encourage women to LIVE for the joy of it.  Oh brother…the irony…right!  I finally did stop.

I ran back and introduced myself to my neighbor named B.  We talked about my dog.  She choked up when she told me her little dog died a few weeks ago.  B asked about my kids.  I asked her about her life.  We sweetly patted each other on the back like old friends would.  Then she took off at her snail’s pace and I slowly headed home realizing I almost missed a huge opportunity.

People mattered most to Jesus and people should matter most to me.

If my life and ministry don’t collide then I have a problem with my priorities.  When I’m 90, out with walking sticks, recovering from a stroke …I hope some “young” chick in her mid-40s stops when she sees me. When my dog and many of the people I love have died…I need you to stop.  Please don’t look past me or run past me or pretend you don’t see me.  I need you. You actually need me too.  We need each other.

I’m reminded today, God has uniquely positioned each one of us to love others.  He has put each of us in the places and spaces and communities where we can invest in the lives of others in big and small ways.  I don’t want to miss opportunities that are right in front of me! And I don’t want you to miss them either.

 “We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them” (Eph 2:10).

Don’t walk or run past people.  Embrace the opportunities you have to make people a priority exactly where you are at.

Love the people He puts in your path.  We are His workmanship created for good works right where we are today.

So go do good work…we were made for it!

BTW…I’d love your input!  What keeps you from slowing down and making people a priority?  We will be covering this topic on one of our radio shows so thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!



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  1. sally

    I love this post Joy! Those little acts of kindness fill us all with joy and hope for a more kinder world. Glad you turned back to greet her.

  2. Jen

    I think looking at people as HEARTBEATS….helps me slow down to be aware of living on them. #heartbeatsarenotpromised

  3. Nina

    I have begun to help elderly in stores finding what they need or showing them where the item is they are looking for….I feel great when they are so thankful that I would take the time!!! I will be there some day soon…I too wonder how I will be treated….being slow or lost looking for something….I am grateful when I hear stories like this! I am not alone…I hope in showing kindness…someone else will noyice and do the same! I thank God I now take the time to show love and compassion! Thank you Joy!!!!

  4. Kelly Sorrell

    Beautifully shared and inspired! Thank you! You made me cry for the beauty of Christs love expressed!!

  5. Teddy June Smith

    Made me really think of how often I go for a walk and pass others on the street or in the park. I try to smile at them and often they totally ignore me but occasionally someone does say hello or smile back. How many people are out there hurting, or sick, or have a family issue. How hard it is to be nice or even make a comment which might brighten their day. Good comment Joy.

  6. Debbie Caton

    I love it! I retired a year ago and have slowed down and started looking people in the eye and speaking, listening. There is a woman who walks with a walker in my neighbourhood and I used to just say hi and pass on by with my dog. I now talk to her, what a blessing, slowing down, and asking God to use me even while I walk my dog!

  7. Oh Joy, this is so you! You may not feel like you take advantage of those moments, but most of us would never have even looked back. I love this. Such a sweet reminder to make the most of every moment. Having lost 3 loved ones this year, the “moments” have become more valuable to me than gold. I even quit my job this month just to make more moments with those in my life, and perhaps a few who are not currently in my life.

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