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Posted by Joy Roberts on September 18, 2013 in Faith, Joy Roberts

Scan 3Do you have a favorite fairy tale from your childhood? Maybe you have young children and find yourself re- watching or reading classics like Robin Hood, Snow White, or Jack and the Beanstalk. The movie industry is cashing in on our fascination with these classic stories and is busy producing contemporary remakes. My kids and I watched the new Jack and the Beanstalk a few months ago. When I look back at my favorite fairytales, I can’t help but think of Cinderella. If I’m honest, sometimes, especially when I’m feeling overworked, underappreciated and having my own pity party, I think of Cinderella with her mountain of laundry and miles of dirty floors and I wonder where is my fairy godmother? You know, Cinderella was blessed beyond her belief, beyond her wildest expectations when her fairy Godmother touched her with the magic wand? She turned her drab into dramatically awesome. She got a new car, it just happened to be orange. She got a new house, an estate with a castle. Her new clothes included the most amazing ball gowns, which meant she was going to a lot of parties. On top of that, she got a new man and he was a prince. Who in their right mind, wouldn’t want to be Cinderella?

Let’s face it, There is not a woman in Portland or in this world that does not want to grow in some way, develop healthier habits, a more positive attitude, improve the circumstances in her life or have more fulfilling relationships. So here is the good news you for you; instead of a mythical fairy godmother, each of us has access to God, our very real father in heaven. Unlike Cinderella, our heavenly father transforms us from the inside out. This is the kind of transformation I truly desire. I don’t want the sum of my life to be about the things I possess or about what others think about me. I want to be transformed so that I look good, starting on the inside. I want to be transformed because if makes me stronger on the inside and then moves outward. I bet you feel the same!

I’m a runner. Running for me, is an analogy for life and is also a representation of my walk, or should I say “run” with God. If I run to impress people with my athleticisms or so that my booty looks good in jeans, where does that get me at the end of the day? It leaves me empty, striving to impress other people and somehow get their approval. Instead sisters, I need to be running for the JOY of it. Because it strengthens me from the inside, so I can feel better from the inside out. Running makes me physically stronger. It gives me a stronger heart muscle, greater lung capacity; it releases endorphins that make me feel happy. Running is not about impressing others; it’s about making me the best I can be. Our run with the Lord should be exactly the same. If we find religion so that we look good on the outside, impress others by how “good we are”, then we are going to be left feeling empty at the end of the day. I want a real faith, a faith that can move mountains and sustain me the darkest trails that life can throw at me. I want a real faith that makes me stronger, it gives me a stronger heart muscle, a greater capacity to love, it increases my depth of character, and it gives me an indescribable joy that is not dependent on my circumstances. Don’t you want that kind of transformation?

Life is not a fairytale. It’s got real joys like the birth of babies, new homes, cars, parties and other really fabulous stuff. But life also has challenges like loss of work, divorce, depression, death and other really not so fabulous stuff. Again, I don’t want the sum of my life to be about the things I possess or about what others think about me. I want to be a woman who is growing and is constantly being transformed, no matter what my circumstances are like. I’m guessing you feel the same. Today is a perfect day to ask God, our very real father in heaven, to begin to transform you from the inside out. It does not matter where you are at the very moment. You can be on your knees scrubbing the floor or in a ball gown, wearing glass slippers. You can be in the depths of despair, having no faith or you can be a seasoned believer. Today is the perfect day to ask God to transform you from the inside out.

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