–  for the joy of it  –

August 7
One Body United in Presence

Join us again as One Body United on August 7th for a summer evening of praise and worship at Abernethy Chapel. Space is limited. Register today!

Summertime Worship Night August 7, 2018

One Body United

Racial and generational oneness are the heartbeat of God. When we align our hearts with His heart, we will chase after it. We will stand with each other and for each other, because it’s the Gospel message. Learn more about how you can get involved.



When girls learn friendship, they learn it for life. The goal of the Joy of It Friendzy is to teach God’s design for friendship and address the challenges 1st – 6th grade girls face in relationships from a biblical perspective.


November 3

You’re invited to a life of abundance. Find your identity in Christ and feel confident in who God has created you to be. Feel empowered to live courageously in your everyday life. Feel equipped and confident to invest in others.