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Into The Wilderness: Alone Yet Together

Posted by Connie Armerding on March 19, 2020 in Connie Armerding, Contributing Author, Faith, Hope

I’ve had the same waking thought several times this past week. “Is this really happening?” Amidst my disbelief, it is clearly happening. Our cities, states, nation and world are systematically locking down and we are retreating to our respective dwelling places; alone, yet in it together. For some of us, the impact of the COVID […]

His Faithfulness in the Silence

Posted by Guest Blogger on March 12, 2020 in Faith, Guest Blogger, Hope, Prayer

I switched my not-quite-two year old into a “big boy bed” because we were ready for him to be a big brother and the baby would need his crib. It’d happen quickly, I figured, just like pregnancy happened with him. But then he grew out of the toddler bed and into a bunk bed, and […]

Emerging Fully Seen and Fully Equipped

Posted by Guest Blogger on March 5, 2020 in Faith, Freedom, Guest Blogger, Hope

Hooray it’s March! We can officially say “Welcome to Spring”! Mercifully we’ve made it through the season of dark, wet days and dark, chilly nights. Soon we’ll begin poking our heads out of our respective caves and enjoy seeing our grey landscape burst with color and life again. I seem to become more creative when […]

Home: Are We There Yet?

Posted by Guest Blogger on February 13, 2020 in Community, Faith, Freedom, Hope

HOME This is home, as I peer out into the streets of a black history parade – with my family beside me that I haven’t seen in years. Oh, this is home. As the beads drop and the candy flies high in the sky and lands right into my little boys’ sun-kissed coily afro hair. […]

Deconstruction is Not a DIY Project

Posted by Guest Blogger on January 30, 2020 in Community, Faith, Hope, Wisdom

My always-curious daughter noticed a snail on our driveway and asked if I knew where snails find their shells. Thanks to the wonders of Google, I was able to answer her question and learned that snails are born with the ability to grow their own shells. After they hatch, baby snails eat the casing they […]