Together we can do great things.

Some of our project highlights include:

Expansion of the JOI Friendzy Program

from a city-wide event, to curriculum available for use in schools and churches. JOI Friendzy Curriculum Volume One is published and beginning to roll-out in private Christian and Catholic schools for elementary aged boys and girls!

Childhood relationship trauma and bullying have a lasting negative impact, including depression, difficulty with relationships, and an increased likelihood of substance abuse. Equipping students with God’s design for friendship has a powerful and lasting impact on the next generation.

When girls and boys learn God’s design for friendship, they learn it for life.

JOI is looking for financial partners to create Volume 2 Curriculum and create a public school version. Contact us here.

Launch JOI One Body United events

to create multicultural, multigenerational events for people from different places, spaces to unite as one body through effective conversations, presented by diverse voices, alongside strategic, and collaborative partnerships. Biases and untruths are dismantled, relationships are built, and relationships are formed. Together great things are accomplished.

The church remains the most divided space in our nation. But, what if we modeled unity in a divided world? Through One Body United events, we have an opportunity to participate in making significant and lasting change. Contact us here.

Development of the JOI HUB: a Christian community calendar

to highlight and promote a broad range of faith based activity. Because of technology we are the most connected generation ever, but also the most socially disconnected generation. Joy Of It markets, shares and communicates these activities through the JOI HUB, our social media advertising, and email marketing. JOI is looking for additional partners to expand our JOI HUB efforts in Portland and other cities in the United States. Contact us here.

Partnering with Reason to Run

to help women champion women inside of prison through organized running groups. With this collaborative partnership, Joy of It provides Reason to Run with program outreach and development, marketing support, website content and design, and promotional materials in print and digital format for program expansion across the United States.

Partnered with Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

to create unified messaging and build program awareness through social media. This investment supports FCA in creating connections with athletes, coaches, parents, churches, and schools.

Partnered with Lifeway

to create space for women across our region to connect, build relationships and be equipped to make a difference in their churches and spheres of influence. Lifeway reaches out to connect with women for large events in cities across the nation. They have partnered with Joy of It to connect women to the local churches in our region.

Partnered with Sole Sisters

to create a space for women to connect to build stronger bodies and even stronger friendships. With this collaborative partnership, Joy of It provided Sole Sisters marketing support,  website content and design, collateral print material, and digital assets.